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In Kyoto, there are broadly three different types of accommodations.

1. Hotel
2. Ryokan


Cheap end hotels are called business hotels. Mainly for businessmen on business trips. Small rooms, but usually with all the neccessary things as a hotel, including a private shower/toilet and internet. Capsule hotels are the cheaper version of this. Capsule hotels are with shared shower/toilet and smaller private space(only the bed).
Mid range hotels and high end hotels are same as other cities/countries.

Ryokan simply means "accommodation" in Japanese. So, it means Japanese hotels. Nothing special. Just sleeping on the floor, very usual. High end ryokans usually offer a great dinner, big hot bath and fairly big room(10 tatami mats or more per guestroom). Mid range/budget ryokans offer no meal or okay meal and smaller room(4.5 or 6 tatami mats).

If you do not need luxuary, some hostels/guesthouses are the best value for money. However, you need to choose carefully. Really cheap places are low quality.

Accommodation listings


-High end to Mid range-
1. Hotel Mume
*Highly recommended, wonderful owner and staff. A small but beautiful accommodation.
2. Citadines Kyot
*This place also, highly recommended.
2. Hotel Monterey
3. Hotel Granvia
4. Hotel Okura

1. Toyoko Inn
2. Super Hotel

-High end-
1. Shiraume
2. Motonago
3. Tawaraya
*One of the most highly rated ryokan in Japan. I have never stayed here. But, eveyrbody knows about Tawaraya.

-Mid range-
1. Ryokan Shimizu
2. Matsubaya Ryokan


(A lovely, friendly and warm-hearted couple running the guesthouse in Gion. Very relaxing atmosphere. Yasi san, the owner, and his wife are both wonderful people..)

K's House
(A big chain hostel, with wonderful service. If you enjoy stayig here, you can find K's in other parts of Japan. The staff are really nice!)

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