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Photos of our cooking lessons


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Yoshiko(wife), Haruko(daughter) and Taro(me)

Everybody cooking while I grew my hair

Beautifully marbled wagyu(this one is Kobe beef)

Home made tofu.

Manganji-pepper, enoki and shimeji mushrooms

Onion, sweet potato, roasted and ground sesame

different types of miso paste

Egg pan for cooking tamago omelet

Photo by Sandra Witzel

Side dishes



Homemade miso soup

Grilling eggplant

Don't worry, I won't make you sit on the floor anymore.

Plating food and me explaining with my new hair cut

Yoshiko teaches to make onigiri

First time onigiri for everyone!

Grill them to make yaki-onigiri

Fresh fried agedashi tofu

Young and cooking!

Treat after 2 hours of cooking

Family fun in Kyoto

Vegetarian tempura

Older photos: Special thanks to the first guests who came to Haru Cooking Class! Thank you sooo much for your kind support!

Thank you so much for being our support!!
We remember you forever.

Again, we remember you forever!


Thank you so much for spreading the word!
Forever, we remember you both!

One of my favorite photos of all time!

I bought your CD online!

Thank you so much for introducing me to Facebook!!

Very Japanese!

I hope you found a good mochi maker!

The best smile of all time!

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We are  a small house in Shimogamo. It is nice and peaceful residential area.
Please come explore another side of Kyoto. 

Take the city bus number 205 and get off at "Shin Aoibashi" stop. 

Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-, 2010

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