To make a reservation, please send us an email:
*I try to reply to all my emails within 24 hours.
PLEASE type the email address accurately.
*We cannot accept reservations more than 4 months in advance.

Information needed:
1. Your name
2. Number of people
3. Date you wish to book
4. Non-vegetarian Course or Vegetarian Course (please choose from here)

TIPS for choosing your courses:
1. When the classes become MIXED, vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests are SEATED TOGETHER in the same class. If you are vegetarian, please note that people will cook/eat meat next to you.
2. The difference between the Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian options is that the Non-vegetarian option includes an additional dish (wagyu, priced at 2,000yen), compared to the Vegetarian.

You may also call us at:
090-4284-7176.(English ok)
*However, I will not be able to pick up the phone during class. I am the only person who speaks English in my family. Therefor, Email is a better option if it is not urgent.


*Menu can change. We will organize it so it will be a balanced meal.
*Maximum of 8 guests per class (private lessons are not guaranteed)
*Payment: cash only

*Age 6 or younger can be a watcher for free of charge. (No participation.)

Map / Location
Shimogamo is one of the most peaceful residential areas in Kyoto. If you are looking to take a break from sightseeing, please come visit our home and see another side of Kyoto!

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