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Learn to cook Japanese food; try them again at home!!

Types of cooking classes:
(Cooking class starts at 2pm)

1. Japanese vegetarian cooking class
(menu: four to five vegetarian dishes)
*The class will use dashi(made from fish)
-Fee: 5,900yen / person
-Duration is 3-4 hours(cooking and eating)

2. Japanese non-vegetarian cooking class(with Kobe beef)
(menu: three to four dishes+ certified small size Kobe beef)
-Fee: 7,900yen / person
-Fee: 10,900yen / person (certified double size Kobe beef)
-Kobe beef dinner is usually around 12,000yen-15,000yen at restaurants.
-Duration is 3-4 hours(cooking and eating)

3. Nishiki food market trip
(Available once a week. Schedule is decided by the group first to make a reservation.)
-Fee: 4,000yen / person in addiotion to the cooking fee(5,900yen or 7,900yen)
-Duration is 60-90 minutes. We will walk Nishiki food market from 12pm.
After that, we will go to my house and start cooking.

Nishiki food market

Reservation: CLICK HERE.


*Menu is seasonal(subject to change). We will organize it so it will be a complete meal.

*Maximum of 6 guests per class.

*One class a day, one class type per class.

*Payment: cash only

*Children 6 and younger can be a watcher(free of charge) or participate with 1,000yen discount. (a watcher will not be counted as a participant.)

Map / Location:

Take the city bus number 205(its a loop line) and please get off at "Shin Aoibashi" stop. 
You may purchase "one day bus pass" at the JR Kyoto station(or on the bus) for 500 yen, which I highly recommend.

Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-, 2010

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