Courses & Rates

Learn to cook Japanese food; try them again at home!!

Types of cooking classes:
(Cooking class starts at 2pm)

1. Japanese vegetarian cooking class
(menu: four to five vegetarian dishes)
-Fee: 5,900 yen / person
-Duration is 3-4 hours(cooking and eating)

2. Japanese non-vegetarian cooking class(with Kobe beef)
(menu: three to four dishes+ certified small size Kobe beef)
-Fee: 7,900 yen / person
-Fee: 10,900 yen / person (certified double size Kobe beef)
-Kobe beef dinner is usually around 12,000yen-15,000yen at restaurants.
-Duration is 3-4 hours(cooking and eating)

3. Nishiki food market trip
(Only available about once a week. The first group to make a reservation sets which day. Please accept our sincere aplogies for not having much availabilities.)
-Fee: Additional 4,000yen per person to the cooking class fee

-Duration is 60-90min.(12pm start. Then, cooking class.)
-Minimum of 2 guests, maximum of 6 guests.
-You will visit Nishiki food market and stroll around the market to learn about Japanese ingredients. After that, we will go to my house and start cooking class(please book one of the cooking classes above, separate fee).

Nishiki food market

Click here for RESERVATION


*Menus are seasonal(subject to change). We will organize it so it will be a complete meal.

*1 to 6 person(s) per class.

*One class a day. We try to keep it to 1 class type per class to finish everything within 3-4 hours.
(However, very rarely, two class types per class. Please understand that it is possible that vegetarian cooking could share the kitchen/table with non-vegetarian cooking.)

*Payment: cash only

*Children 6 and younger can be a watcher(free of charge) or participate with 1,000yen discount. (a watcher will not be counted as a participant.)

Reservation: CLICK HERE.

Map / Location:

Take the city bus number 205(its a loop line) and please get off at "Shin Aoibashi" stop. 
You may purchase "one day bus pass" at the JR Kyoto station(or on the bus) for 500 yen, which I highly recommend.

Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-, 2010

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