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FIRST, learn the basics of Japanese cooking by watching these short videos.

A. what is MISO?

B. What is DASHI?

C. How to cook RICE in Japan?

SECOND, understand SOY SAUCE and MIRIN.
*These two ingredients are OFTEN used in Japanese cooking.

Soy sauce(shouyu) is a salty liquid(fermented soy and wheat/rice, with sodium).
The benefit of using soy sauce: adds sodium plus UMAMI(yummy taste).
This leads to simple yet tasty cooking.
Soy sauce is not just some BROWN SALT WATER.
*It masks unwanted smells of meat, fish, root, etc;
this explains why Japanese cooking does not require much spices and herbs.

Mirin is an alcoholic rice syrup. Mirin adds mild sweetness.
True mirin(hon-mirin) contains about 12-14% alcohol.
Sweetness of mirin is milder than sugar, but is complex.
Similar to the usage of honey or maple syrup.
Mirin is no just some ALE-LOOKING SUGAR WATER.
*Udon soup, Soba dip, tempura dip, ponzu, teriyaki sauce, all contain mirin.
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examples of dishes containing mirin

LAST, start cooking.
*Now, you have the basics. You are MUCH MORE informed about Japanese cooking
than many young Japanese people who don't normally cook. Please be confident.

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Japanese Recipes:

I already have cooking videos, but let me sort this out. Please give me time.

Katsudon, oyakodon, tempura sauce, gyoza, ponzu sauce, sushi, curry udon, kakuni, fried rice, etc.

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