Kobe Beef

We offer a cooking class including Kobe beef for 7,900 yen.
*Kobe beef in restaurants are normally served at around 12,000 - 15,000 yen.

We do our best to leave you a good memory of Japanese food.
That is the purpose of us offering this course; introducing one of the finest Japanese ingredients for an affordable price.
Please come learn and taste the Kobe beef!

What is Kobe Beef?

Wagyu means Japanese beef.
WA means JAPAN and GYU means BEEF.
*However, there are non-wagyu(considered less quality) beef in Japan. Only 4 breeds of cows can be called wagyu, nothing else. Japanese black hair, brown hair, short horn and no horn(poll)

Kobe beef is one of the top brand(if not, the top brand) wagyus.

1. BMS (Beef Marbling Standards) and
2. meat quality
are measured to rank wagyu beef into
1. BMS1 to BMS12 and
2. (meat quality) C1 to A5

*C(lowest quality), B(regular quality), A(high quality). 1 is less quality, 5 is best quality.
So, C1 is the lowest and A5 is the highest.

Kobe beef brand belongs to Tajima beef brand,
1. Black hair breed that was borned and raised in Hyogo prefecture
2. Family blood line of the father side must always come from Hyogo prefecture
3. Breeding and raising of cow must be done by official members of Kobe beef association(KBADPA).
4. 28months to 60months old
5. Must be from one of the official slaughter houses in Hyogo prefecture

From this Tajima brand, top notch are stamped as Kobe beef.
(BMS 6 or highter and meat quality, A4-5 or B4-5)
Kobe beef is top notch Tajima beef, which is alreay one of the higher brands.
*If Tajima beef was Toyota, Kobe beef is Lexus.

1. In Japan, about 600,000 wagyu cows are sold, annually
2. In Hyogo prefecture, about 5,500 - 6,000 are sold as Tajima brand., annually

4. From these cows, 2,500 to 3,000 are ranked as Kobe beef, anually
*Information as of 2011

Please come and taste it at Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-!
Experience the finest brand wagyu, Kobe beef!

It is a small steak, but the taste will not let you down..
*We only use certified Kobe beef in our cooking class.


Take the city bus number 205 from JR Kyoto station or anywhere in Kawaramachi street and get off at "Shin Aoibashi" stop. 
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