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haru cooking class kyoto
HARU Cooking Class -Kyoto-
-Haru Cooking Class offers a traditional & casual Japanese home cooking-
Great way to gain insight into Japanese food and culture!.


cooking-class-kyoto-Japan cooking-class-kyoto-cookery cooking-class-kyoto-cookery

Hello, I am Taro, the owner of Haru Cooking Class.
The cooking class takes place in my house.

I love explaining about japanese food and culture.
I am not a big fan of commercial tourism.

I want to make the class as informative and meaningful as possible.
I try my best to answer all the questions I receive about Japanese food/culture;
I apologize in advance that we sometimes go off topic.
I sincerely hope we share the same passion!


Start Time & Duration:
Class typically starts at 12pm. (occationally 1pm or 2pm)
I can only offer one class a day and the
duration is 3 - 4 hours.

Reservation: - Click here

Available Courses:

1. Japanese Non-vegetarian Cooking
(four vegetable dishes plus one wagyu dish)

-Fee: 8,900 yen + tax / person (9,800yen)
*Classes will have a maximum of 8 guests.

Wagyu(Mar. 22nd 2012, photo by Taro)

You will learn the essentials of Japanese home cooking.
Will cook 5 dishes with ingredients & cooking methods thoroughly explained.

The main dish is the famous wagyu.
I will provide full explanations on terms such as wagyu, Kobe Beef, dashi, etc..

2. Japanese Vegetarian Cooking
(four vegetable dishes)
*The class is NOT strictly vegetarian; the soup stock uses fish.
You will NOT be eating fish meat, but the fish flavor is used.

-Fee: 6,900 yen + tax / person (7,700yen)
*Classes will have a maximum of 8 guests.
Furofuki-daikon(photo by Nalin)
*Daikon radish simmered in dashi and sweet miso sauce on top.

You will learn the essentials of Japanese home cooking.
Will cook 4 dishes with the ingredients & methods explained.

With an exception of fish flakes in the soup stock,
everything else is vegetarian friendly.

TIPS for choosing from the two courses:
1. Classes are MIXED with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests.
You will all be seated together in the same class.
2. The difference between the Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian courses is that the Non-vegetarian includes an additional dish (wagyu, priced at 2,000yen), compared to the Vegetarian course.


Click here
-North east of the Imperial Palace
*Easy access by bus from both downtown Kyoto and JR Kyoto station.

-Menus are seasonal and are subject to change.
-We will organize it so it will be a complete meal. Usually with a soup dish plus three more using varieties of local ingredients.
-Duration: approx. 3-4 hours, depends on the number of guests.
-We accept reservations 4 months in advance.

Dear guests,

Hello. I am Taro, the owner of Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-.

You can learn a lot about Japanese culture by learning about Japanese food.
Food plays a big role in our culture.

In Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-, you will cook Japanese home dishes.
I am an ordinary home cook. I cannot teach fancy dishes.
However, I hope that this ordinary experience in an ordinary japanese
home will provide good insight into Japanese food, life and culture.

I thank everybody who comes all the way to Japan.
I wish for all my guests to finish the class with a much deeper understanding of Japan and Japanese people. That is my only goal.

If you have not yet decided what to do in Kyoto, please consider taking a class at Haru Cooking Class. I guarantee a meaningful and memorable 3-4 hours!

I look very forward to meeting you!

If you have time before the cooking class,
here are some of the things to do around my neighborhood!

Best regards,
Taro Saeki

Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-

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Thank you very much for finding Haru Cooking Class -Kyoto-. We are a tiny cooking class in Kyoto, Japan. We thank everybody who has found our website!
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